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Requirment of documents for UG, PG Admission Session 2021-22

Nanak Chand Anglo Sanskrit College was established in the year 1952 by Nanak Chand Trust, which was founded in 1903 in revered memory of Pandit Nanak Chand a sage and visionary, gifted with a rare combination of Wisdom, Wealth and Will to strive for nation-building. The very name of the institution and the emblem- with Stayam Shivam and Sundram, is deeply rooted in the Indian Philosophy endeavouring to follow a positive growth in all possible directions. Pandit Nanak Chand had a clear plan and agenda for contributing to a well-directed development, when he drafted his will in his early youth at the age of 22 years (in 1884) to pledge his entire property comprising of Zamidari of 20 villages, and ownership of 103 buildings and commercial establishment.
As per his will, which took a legal shape in 1885, one fourth of the income derived from this property was to be used for general charity to look after physically challenged, destitute and wandering monks. Another one-fourth was to be used to patronize helpless widows and those who have fallen to financial deprivation and suffering silently. The rest half was meant for running a school where the education of empowering trilogy, English, Sanskrit and Hindi (then known as Nagri), was to be imparted. He was precisely sure that caring for unsheltered, and channdizing the youth power is the prerequisite for inclusive development. He did this even before democratic India would come with such plans. Thus this institution was conceived and designed to serve as a bridge between European and modern scientific knowledge and intensely rich Indian values.
  • Revised B. Sc. 1st Sem. and 3rd Sem (Physics) Practical(incl. other colleges) on 10-06-2023 and 11-06-2023

    B. Sc. 1st Sem. and 3rd Sem (Physics) Practical(incl. other colleges) on 09-06-2023,10-06-2023 and 11-06-2023

    B. A. 3rd Sem (Phy. Edu) Practical (incl. other college)on 09-06-2023

    B. A. 1st Sem. and 3rd Sem (Drawing) Practical(incl. other colleges) on 07-06-2023 and 08-06-2023

    B Sc. 3rd Sem (Zoology/Botany) Practical on 03-06-2023, 10-06-2023

    B Sc. 2nd Yr and 3rd Yr (Zoology) Practical(incl. other colleges) on 07-06-2023

    B Sc. 2nd Yr and 3rd Yr (Chemistry) Practical(incl. other colleges) on 05-06-2023

    B Sc. 2nd Yr and 3rd Yr (Botany) Practical(incl. other colleges) on 03-06-2023

    CCS University Notice for Exam date Change

    B Sc. 1st (Chemistry) Practical(incl. 6 other colleges) on 30-05-2023 and 31-05-2023

    UG 1ST AND 2ND YEAR EX., BACK Physical Education Practical on 01-06-2023

    B. Sc. Bio. Ist sem Practical on 20-05-2023

    Holiday Notice 04-05-2023

    B.P.E.S Practical Exam on 08-05-2023

    UG, PG Internal Exam Notice

    Holiday Notice 21-04-2023

    LL. B. Practical Exam on 13-04-2023 and 19-04-2023

    LL. B. Vth Sem Practical Exam on 13-04-2023

    Holiday Notice 06-04-2023

    Holiday Notice 03-04-2023

    Tender Notice 31-03-2023

    Holiday Notice

    Tender Notice 28-03-2023

    B. A. 1st SEM Physical Education Practical Exam on 25-03-2023


    UG Internal Exam Notice

    Holiday Notice

    Ph. D. Lecture on 27-02-2023

    M. A. Socio. Ist SEM Internal Exam on 27-02-2023

    UG Ist SEM Internal Exam on 01-03-2023

    UG IIIrd SEM Internal Exam on 01-03-2023

    PG Ist SEM IInd Internal Exam on 27-02-2023

    M. Sc. Maths I SEM Practical on 25-02-2023

    M. A. History III SEM Practical on 22-02-2023

    Holiday Notice

    College Magazine 2022-23 Notice

    Ph. D. Open Viva-voce Sociology Notice on 27-02-2023

    Ph. D. Open Viva-voce Sociology Notice on 20-02-2023

    B. Com. I and III Sem Internal Exam from 16-02-23

    M. A. Sanskrit III SEM Practical on 16-02-23

    M. Sc. Maths III SEM Practical on 22-02-23

    Notice Regarding Teaching

    M. A. Pol. Sc. III SEM Practical on 14-02-23

    M. A. Hindi III SEM Practical on 10-02-23

    M. COM. III SEM Practical on 14-02-23

    M.A. (Socio.) III sem Practical on 15-02-2023

    M.A. ENG III SEM on 16-02-2023

    M.A. (Socio.) Ist and IIIrd Sem Internal Exam on 27-01-2023

    PG Internal Exam Notice

    UG(NEP) Students Attendance Notice


    LL. M. admission notice

    Holiday Notice(27-12-2022)

    Holiday Notice

    LL M Offer letter date 22-12-2022 and 24-12-2022

    Intercollegiate Shooting competition Notice

    Intercollegiate hockey competition Notice

    Intercollegiate Judo competition Notice

    Leftout Practical exam Notice1

    Leftout Practical exam Notice2

    Boxing Competition 2022-23

    UG 1st Yr IInd SEM Skill Devlp. Leftout Exam on 03-12-2022

    UG 1st Yr IInd SEM Skill Devlp. Leftout Exam Notice

    Boxing Competetion 2022-23 Notice

    Holiday Notice

    LL. B. Admission Notice 19-11-22

    M. A. Socio. IIIrd SEM INT. EXAM on 21-11-22

    LL. M. IIIrd SEM INT. EXAM on 22-11-22

    PG IIIrd SEM Int. Exam on 21-11-22

    Date extended for Leftout Practical CCSU Notice

    LL. M. IV SEM 2022 submission of Dissertation last date on 06-11-2022

    UG II Sem Skill Dev. Exam will be held on 11-11-2022

    Revised Notice Leftout Internal Exams will be held on 07-11-2022 and 09-11-2022

    B. A. IInd SEM Dwg. Practical on 05-11-2022

    Leftout Internal Exams will be held on 07-11-2022 and 08-11-2022



    M. A. Socio. IV Sem Practical on date 31-10-2022

    Holiday Notice

    M. A. IV Sem Sociology Left Out Practical Exam on 31-10-2022

    B. A. 1st Yr IInd Sem Sociology Practical Exam on 18-10-2022

    B. Ed. Admission Notice

    B. Sc. 1st Yr Physics Practical Exam on date 17-10-2022 and 18-10-2022

    CCS University Notice for Left Out Practical Exam

    Holiday Notice

    Anti Ragging Notice

    B. Sc. 1st (Stat.) and B. Sc. 1st(Home Sc.) Admission Notice

    M. A. IV SEM POl. Sc. Practical on date 01-10-2022

    UG IInd Yr(IIIrd Sem) Admission date 28-09-2022 to 10-10-2022

    B. Sc. (Chemistry), B. A (Phy. Edu.) and B Sc./B. A. (Maths) Practical exam on date 22,23,24,26 and 27 Sep 2022

    B. Com. IInd Sem Practical exam on 20-09-2022

    B. Sc. Chemistry 2nd Sem Practical exam on date 19-09-2022, 20-09-2022 and 21-09-2022

    Admission notice UG

    Admission notice for UG & PG

    Admission in UG 1st Yr Suject Options

    Notice for Admission in UG 1st Yr Offer Letter

    B. Sc. IInd Sem Botany Practical exam on date 07-09-2022

    M. SC. Chem II SEM Practical exam on date 08-09-2022, 09-09-2022 and 10-09-2022

    M. SC. II AND IV SEM Physics, Maths Practical exam on date 01-09-2022 and 06-09-2022

    B. A., B. Sc., B. Com. II Sem Internal Exam NEP Notice

    LL. B. 3rd Sem and 5th Sem Admission Notice

    LL. B. 6th Sem practical on 07-09-2022

    LL. B. 4th Sem practical on 09-09-2022

    PG IIIrd SEM Admission Notice

    Revised Notice of B. Sc. IIIrd Yr Stat. practical on 29-08-2022

    LL M IV Sem Viva on date 02-09-2022

    UG 3rd Yr admission Notice

    PG 2nd Yr admission Notice

    B. Sc. IIIrd Yr Stat. practical on 25-08-2022

    B. Sc. IInd Yr Physics Practical on 24-08-2022 and 25-08-2022

    B.A. IInd and IIIrd yr Drawing practical on 22-08-2022 and 23-08-2022

    holiday notice

    B. Sc. Chemistry IInd and IIIrd Yr practical on 22-08-2022 and 23-08-2022

    B Sc. II Yr BIO (Zoology) practical on 17-08-2022


    B Sc. FINAL Yr, (Physics) Practical Exam on 16-08-2022 and 17-08-2022


    B. Sc. 1st Yr, 1st SEM(Physics) Practical Exam on 06-08-2022 and 08-08-2022

    B. Sc. 2nd Yr(Stat.) Practical Exam on 13-08-2022

    B. Sc.(zoology, Botany) IInd and IIrd Year Practical exam on Date 30-07-22 and 01-08-22

    Holiday Notice

    University Notice, postpond of exam date 19-07-2022 shift 7-10am

    M.A. II Yr Sociology (Private) Practical/viva Exam on date 18-07-22

    M.A. II Yr Hindi (Private) Practical/viva Exam on date 16-07-22

    M.A. II English (Private) Practical/viva Exam on date 16-07-22

    M.A. II Private History Practical/viva Exam on date 16-07-22

    M.A. II Private Pol. Sc. Practical/viva Exam on date 14-07-22

    M.A. II Private Education Practical/viva Exam on date 15-07-22

    M.A. II PRIVATE SANSKRIT Practical/viva Exam on date 15-07-22

    B.Com. final PVT., M. Com. final Pvt. Practical/Viva Exam on date 12-07-22

    B. A. I Pol. Sc. (NEP) Practical Exam Notice 20-6-22

    B. Sc. and B. A. Phy. Edu. qualifying Practical Exam Notice 18-6-22

    PG Sociology IInd Internal Exam Notice 16-6-22

    Exam Notice 13-06-2022

    B. Sc. I Physics (NEP) Practical Notice 03-06-2022

    B. Sc. I Stats Practical Notice 27-05-2022

    M. A. II SOCIO. INTERNAL EXAM Notice 23-05-2022

    UG I SEM (NEP) Internal examination Notice 21-05-2022

    PG II and IV SEM 1st Internal Examination Notice 21-05-2022

    B.A.LL.B., LL.B, LL.M. LEFTOUT PRACTICAL EXAM Notice 14-05-2022

    Smartphone/Tablet Distribution Notice 14-05-2022

    UG Students List for Smart Phone/Tablet 13-05-2022

    PG Students List for Smart Phone/Tablet 13-05-2022

    Students check subject code and paper name CCSU Notice 29-04-2022

    Holiday Notice 13-04-2022

    LL. B. Vth Sem Practical Notice 05-04-2022

    UG Skill Development Course Notice 04-04-2022

    Teaching vacancy Notice29-03-2022

    LL. B. 3rd Sem Pactical/ Viva Notice 24-03-2022

    Poster Competetion Notice 24-03-2022

    UG 1st SEM Internal Exam (NEP) Notice 23-03-2022

    M A History 3rd Sem Practical Notice 15-03-2022

    Holiday Notice 15-03-2022

    LL. B. IIIrd Sem Practical/Viva Notice 14-03-2022

    M. A. IIIrd Sem English Practical/Viva Notice 11-03-2022

    M. A. IIIrd Sem Sociology Practical/Viva Notice 03-03-2022

    M. A. 1st SEM Sociology IInd Internal Exam Notice 14-02-2022

    Notice 14-02-2022

    CCSU Practical Exam Notice 08-02-2022

    Holiday Notice 04-02-2022

    Covid Vacc. Notice 31-1-2022

    Covid Vacc. Notice 31-1-2022

    Covid Notice 27-1-2022

    PG Internal Exams Notice07-1-2022

    Open Ph. D. Viva Voce Sociology Notice05-1-2022

    Holiday Notice 24-12-21

    Holiday Notice 22-12-21

    Notice 09-12-21

    M Ed CCSU Notice 25-11-21

    Road Safety Notice 25-11-21

    Holiday Notice 23-11-21

    Commerce dept quiz Notice 22-11-21

    Parivahan Notice 20-11-21

    Sociology Internal Exams Date Notice 20-11-21

    Holiday Notice 18-11-21

    Internal Exam Notice 18-11-21

    Matdata Jagrukta Rally Notice 15-11-21

    Drawing Competition Notice 15-11-21

    Matdata Registration Notice 13-11-21

    SVEEP Notice 13-11-21

    UG Open Merit Offer Letter Notice 10-11-21

    Holiday Notice 01-11-21

    Voter Notice 01-11-21

    Admission Notice 01-11-21

    PG Offer Letter Notice 01-11-21

    UG Open Merit Admission Notice 30-10-21

    UG Open Merit Notice 30-10-21

    UG Second Open Merit List - 1 Notice29-10-21

    B.Ed. 1st Year Leftout Practical Notice29-10-21

    NCC ADMISSION Notice28-10-21

    UG Open Merit Offer Letter Notice28-10-21

    UG and PG IInd & IIrd year Admission Notice26-10-21

    B Ed Left out practical notice 22-10-21

    UG Open Merit Notice 18-10-2021

    M. Sc. Maths Practical Notice18-10-2021

    UG Open Merit -1 13-10-2021

    Offer Letter Notice for Open Merit 11-10-2021

    Admission Date Exteded Notice 08-10-2021

    Admission Date Exteded Notice 06-10-2021

    B. Ed. Admission Notice 30-09-2021

    Admission Date Exteded Notice 25-09-2021

    Admission Date Exteded Notice 22-09-2021

    Admission Notice 16-09-2021

    LL M IV SEM Viva notice 11-09-2021


    UG and PG II year, IIIrd year Admission NOTICE 06-09-2021

    B. A. II exams of code 012 and 013 NOTICE 25-08-2021

    B. A. II exams of code 012 and 013 CCSU NOTICE 23-08-2021

    Sankrit Saptah NOTICE 21-08-2021

    Sankrit Saptah NOTICE 21-08-2021

    LL M INT. EXAMS NOTICE19-08-2021

    Hon. Chief Minister Kanya Sumangla Yojna Notice 11-08-2021

    Examination Form Submission Notice 15-06-2021

    Corona Vaccination Apeal 13-04-2021

    M A 3rd sem Pol. Sc. Practical Notice 24-03-2021

    M A 3rd sem Sanskrit Practical Notice 24-03-2021

    M A 3rd sem Economics Practical Notice 23-03-2021

    M A 3rd sem English Practical Notice 23-03-2021

    M A 3rd Sem Hindi Practical Notice 23-03-2021

    LL. B. Practical Notice 20-03-2021

    Sports Notice and performa 19-03-2021

    M Sc IIIrd sem Mathematics practical Notice 18-03-2021

    M A IIIrd sem History Practical Notice 18-03-2021

    M A IIIrd sem Sociology practical Notice 17-03-2021

    LL. B. admission Waiting List-7 16-03-2021

    LL. B. admission Waiting List-6 16-03-2021

    LL. B. admission Waiting List-5 16-03-2021

    LL. B. admission Waiting List-4 16-03-2021

    LL. B. admission Waiting List-3 16-03-2021

    LL. B. admission Waiting List-2 16-03-2021

    LL. B. admission Waiting List-1 16-03-2021

    LL. B. admission notice 16-03-2021

    LL. B. Open Merit-3 List-1 15-03-2021

    LL. B. Ist Year Admission NOTICE 13-03-2021

    CCS University NOTICE 09-03-2021

    Mission Shakti NOTICE 07-03-2021

    I Card related NOTICE 04-03-2021

    SRAJAN 2021 NOTICE 03-03-2021

    Internal Exam M A -I Sociology Notice 03-03-21

    Sports Notice 01-03-21

    Notice 22-02-21

    Notice for admitted students 19-02-21

    PG Internal Exam Notice 13-02-21

    Sports Notice 12-02-21

    LL. B. and LL M. Notice 30-01-21

    Notice 30-01-21

    Internal Exam LL. M. IIIrd Sem Notice 29-01-21

    Admission Form Notice 22-01-21

    Submission of Admission Form Notice 19-01-21

    LL B admission Notice 19-01-21

    Kanya Sumangla Notice 18-01-21

    LL M IV Sem Viva Notice 11-01-21

    Kanya Sumangla Notice 09-01-21

    CCSU PG Notice 04-01-21

    CCSU UG Notice 04-01-21

    PG Admission Notice 30-12-2020

    UG Admission Notice 17-12-2020

    B. Ed. Ist yr admission Notice 14-12-2020

    PG admission Notice 14-12-2020

    B.Ed. I Admission date extended till 14-12-2020

    CCSU Offer letter Notice 10-12-2020

    B. Ed. 1st yr Admission Notice 09-12-2020

    NCC Fresh Registration Notice 09-12-2020

    NCC Enrolment Notice 05-12-2020

    NCC Enrolment Notice 02-12-2020

    B. Ed. Admission Notice 02-12-2020

    NSS Form Notice 01-12-2020

    Important UG First Year Admission Notice 28-11-2020

    For B Ed Admission Contact No.s

    B Ed Admission Notice 25-11-2020

    IInd Schedule NCC 2 Notice 24-11-2020

    IInd Schedule NCC 1 Notice 24-11-2020

    NCC 2 Notice 20-11-2020

    NCC 1 Notice 20-11-2020

    Quiz on "Sarak Suraksha" Notice 20-11-2020

    Holiday Notice 11-11-2020

    N C C Test Cancellation Notice 05-11-2020

    N C C test Notice 04-11-2020

    B. Sc.III Stat Practical Notice 31-10-2020

    First Open Merit Notice 28-10-2020

    Mission Shakti Notice 21-10-2020

    B. A. IIIrd Regular Drawing Practical/Viva Revised Notice 20-10-2020

    B. A./B. Com./B.Sc. IIYr and IIIrd year Admission Notice 20-10-2020

    M. Sc. IV sem Maths Practical/Viva Notice 19-10-2020

    B. Sc. IIIrd Yr Physics Practical/Viva Notice 19-10-2020

    M A IV sem Drwaing and B. A. IIIrd Regular Drawing Practical/Viva Notice 17-10-2020

    M A IInd yr PVT Pol. Science Practical/Viva Notice 16-10-2020

    M A IInd yr PVT History Practical/Viva Notice 14-10-2020

    B. Sc. IIIrd Yr Zoology Practical/Viva REVISED DATE Notice 14-10-2020

    M A IInd yr PVT Sanskrit Practical/Viva Notice 12-10-2020

    LL B VI Sem Practical/Viva Notice 10-10-2020

    B Sc. IIIrd Yr Zoology Practical/Viva Notice 10-10-2020

    M COM IIyr PVT Practical/Viva Notice 09-10-2020

    PG PVT(N A S College Students) Practical/Viva Notice 08-10-2020

    B Sc. IIIrd yr and M Sc IV Sem Practical/Viva Notice 07-10-2020

    M A Sociology Pvt. Practical/Viva Notice 07-10-2020

    B Sc. IIIrd yr Botany Practical/Viva Notice 06-10-2020

    M A Sociology (Last Semester) Practical/Viva Notice 05-10-2020

    PG Regular Practical/Viva Notice 03-10-2020

    Admission Notice 02-10-2020

    PG Sociology Private Practical/Viva Notice 30-09-2020

    PG Private Practical/Viva Notice 29-09-2020

    Admission Notice Regular Students Session-2020-21 IIyr and IIIrd Year>

    myNEP Competition

    Divyangjan Notice 26-09-2020

    Regular/Private Practical Notice 26-09-2020

    CCSU EXAMS Notice 19-06-2020

    Health & Env. Awareness Quiz Notice 05-06-2020

    Notice 20-05-2020



    COVID-19 Awareness Competition Notice 01-05-2020


    Letter of govt. regarding Teaching Activity by E-Content 21-04-2020


    Arogya setu COVID-19 Information 05-04-2020

    Notice 31-03-2020

    Notice 14-03-2020

    Holi Notice 07-03-2020

    Holi Holiday Notice 07-03-2020

    M A History 3rd sem Practical Notice 24-02-2020

    LL.M. II and IV SEM Internal Exam Notice 15-02-2020

    LL.B. 3rd and 5th Sem Practical Notice 11-02-2020

    PG 2nd and 4th Internal Exams Notice 10-02-2020

    M. A. Economics 3rd Sem Practical Notice 05-02-2020

    M Sc. (Physics) 1st/3rd Sem Practical Notice 04-02-2020

    M A 1st/3rd Sem, M Com 3rd Sem Practical Notice 28-01-2020

    M A 3rd Sem Pol. Sc. Practical Notice 27-01-2020

    Notice 22-01-2020

    Holiday Notice 24-12-2019

    Notice regarding NAD 05-12-2019

    Notice regarding NAD 29-11-2019

    Notice 21-11-2019

    Notice 16-11-2019

    LL. M. Ist and IIIrd SEM Internal Exam Notice 15-11-2019

    Holiday Notice 09-11-2019

    LL. M. I and III Sem Internal Examination Notice 01-11-2019

    Deepawali Holiday Notice 22-10-2019

    Kanya Sumangla Yojna Revised Notice 14-10-2019

    Kanya Sumangla Yojna Revised Notice 10-10-2019

    Swachch Gramin Sarvekshan 2019 Notice 25-09-2019

    LL M III and IV SEM Internal Exam Notice 25-09-2019

    poster pratiyogita Notice 25-09-2019

    Kanya Sumangla Yojna Notice 23-09-2019

    PG Internal Exam Notice 22-09-2019

    LL M - I Admission Notice 18-09-2019

    Notice "SWACH SARVEKSNAN GRAMIN 2019" 16-09-2019

    Notice "NIBANDH PRATIYOGITA" 13-09-2019

    PG Internal Exam Notice 07-09-2019

    Notice 04-09-2019

    Notice 28-08-2019

    LL. B. Admission Notice - 1 20-08-2019

    LL. B. Admission Notice - 2 20-08-2019

    PG Admission Notice 15-08-2019

    Holiday Notice 09-08-2019

    LL. B Practical Examination Notice 03-08-2019

    LL. M Internal Examination Notice 03-08-2019

    Admission Notice 02-08-2019

    LL. B. and LL. M. Admission Notice 01-08-2019

    Open Merit Offer Letter Notice 22-07-2019

    2nd Merit Offer Letter Notice 15-07-2019

    Admission Notice 12-07-2019

    Admission Notice 10-07-2019

    LL. B. IV Sem Practical Notice 10-07-2019

    Notice 10-07-2019

    B. Ed. Classes Notice 01-07-2019

    LL. B. Practical/Viva Voce Notice 29-06-2019

    M A. Dwg. II SEM Practical/Viva Voce Notice 24-06-2019

    M A. Eng II, IV SEM Practical/Viva Voce Notice 15-06-2019

    M A. Pol.Sc. & M. Sc. Phy. II, IV SEM Practical/Viva Voce Notice 13-06-2019

    M A. (ECO. & Soci.) II, IV SEM Practical/Viva Voce Notice 12-06-2019

    M A. (DWG) & M. Sc. (Chem) Practical/Viva Voce Notice 11-06-2019

    M A. & M. Sc. II, IV sem Practical/Viva Voce Notice 10-06-2019

    M Com II and IV sem Viva Voce Notice 03-06-2019

    admission 2019-20

    Shikshak Puraskar Yojna 2019

    B. Sc. IIrd Yr Chemistry Practical date change Notice 09-05-2019

    B. Sc. IInd and IIrd Yr Zoology Practical Notice 06-05-2019

    M. Com IInd yr PVT Viva Voce Notice 02-05-2019

    B. Sc.(Chemistry)1st, 2nd and 3rd yr Practical Notice 01-05-2019

    B. Sc.(Physics)1st, 2nd and 3rd yr Practical Notice 29-4-2019

    B. Sc.(Botany)1st and 2nd yr Practical Notice 26-4-2019

    M A 2nd yr(English and Pol. Sc.) pvt Viva Voce Notice 23-4-2019

    M A 2nd yr(Pol. Sc. and Sociology) pvt Viva Voce Notice 22-04-2019

    M A 2nd yr(Hindi, Economics, Education) pvt Viva Voce Notice 18-04-2019

    LL. B. I,II,III3rd Practical Notice 18-04-2019

    B, Sc. 3rd Yr Botny Viva Voce Notice 16-04-2019

    M A 2nd Yr History Private Viva Voce Notice 12-04-2019

    Internal Exam notice 29-3-2019

    B Sc., B Com Practical/Viva Voce notice 27-3-2019

    Holiday notice 16-3-2019

    B. Sc.(stats and chemistry) I,II and IIIrd yr practical 01-3-2019

    M. Com Internal Exam new dates Notice 19-2-2019

    Ph. D. Course Work Sanskrit Notice 19-2-2019

    Internal Exams Notice 13-2-2019

    M Sc. II & IV Sem Internal Exams Notice 06-01-2019

    Cultural program Notice 24-01-2019

    college Magzine Notice 24-01-2019

    M A English practical Notice 24-01-2019

    LL B Practical Notice 18-01-2019

    M A sanskrit Practical Notice 15-01-2019

    M Sc. phy practical Notice 15-1-2019

    M A Pol. sc. Practical Notice 12-01-2019

    LL B Left stu 2017-18 practical Notice 11-1-2019

    LL. b. IIIrd sem practical Notice 10-1-2019

    M. Sc. Math practical Notice 10-1-2019

    Vad_Vivad Pratiyogita Notice 09-01-2019

    M Sc Chem Practical Notice 08-01-2019

    M A Sociology Practical Notice 08-01-2019

    Notice for All Students

    Official Notices

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    Research Development Cell
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    Ayush Kavach Covid App link for Mobile
    Information Brochure 2019-20
    B. Ed. Admission 2022-23 Helpline No. 6397702407
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    LL.B Open Merit Cutoff
    Pan-Gutka And Dress Code
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